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All of us want to keep our trees in the best condition, that we possibly can. You want yours to look clean and effective, keeping up detail in your back or front yard. At the same time, you want to know that all of your trees are remaining in a healthy condition and standing up to any harm. However, if you aren’t keeping up with the necessary trimming and pruning work that you should be doing, you aren’t going to be able to say that for certain. These are some of the most important services that you can give to your trees and should always be delivered by an expert arborist, directly. The good news for you is, at Pasco Tree Service, we can apply our knowledge and expertise towards tree trimming and pruning, for every one of our customers.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential service to anyone, who wants to get the aesthetic best out of their trees. You want yours to be looking cleanly cut and maintained at all times. Something, which you are going to be able to do, when you make use of our expert tree trimming service. For trees of all shapes and sizes, we can provide the highest standard of tree trimming work as often as you need us to. Through the precision tools that we use and the keen eye for detail that all of our staff have, we can promise you fantastic results, every single time.

Hedge Trimming

If you have any hedges growing around your property, then we can say the same for them too. You wouldn’t want your perimeter hedges to be overgrowing and looking like a mess. So, you are going to want to make sure that yours are continuing to look their very best, by enlisting our great hedge trimming service. Just let us know how often you want yours trimmed and how you want them to look, and you can leave all the rest of the hard work to us.


Where trimming keeps up the good looks of trees and plants, pruning helps maintain their good health. Trees are subject to infection and disease just like us. At the same time, they have to deal with the infestation of pets and the worst that the weather can bare. That gives them plenty of opportunities to slip into bad health, which could eventually lead to them dying off. No one wants to see that happening to their trees, which is why pruning is going to be so important. Whenever there is an issue with yours, our arborists will be able to come and clean up the affected areas, leaving the tree with all that it needs to recover.

Routine Service

For both pruning and trimming, it is important that you are keeping up these services on a routine basis. They are both going to be important for your plants and are essential towards maximizing their lifespan. So, make sure that you are giving them the work that they need regularly and call our team down for the task.

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