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After you have had a tree removed from your property, you are still going to be left with the job of the tree stump. You don’t want to leave it in the ground, because it could quite easily become a tripping hazard and could cause you some harm. At the same time, it is going to look unsightly and be a blemish in the middle of your lawn. But above all else, the reason that you must have your tree stump removed is that it could potentially start to regrow. You wouldn’t want to start seeing yours sprouting up again after you have paid to have it removed. This is why, you are going to need to have the stump professionally removed, too. At Pasco Tree Service, we can help you with exactly that, through our tree stump removal and stump grinding services.

Small Stump Removal

If you have recently had a small tree removed from your property, then the stump removal may be a straightforward job for us. Wherever we can, we will always try and dig up the stump in one go, for the quickest and smoothest service. Using heavy-duty shovels, we’ll be able to make a clean cut into the ground and hoist up the full extent of the stump and roots. That way, we can clear up your landscape as you need and make sure that there is no chance of your tree ever coming back.

Stump Grinding

However, in the cases where we aren’t going to be able to deliver a full job with a shovel, we will make use of our higher tier of gear. Making use of our industrial-grade grinder, we will grind down the surface of the tree stump until it is nothing more than woodchips. This is the most efficient and most effective way to get rid of a large tree stump and when the job is delivered by our team, you know it is going to last.

Root Removal

Whilst you will typically find that all of the roots are removed when a stump is dug up or that the roots die off after grinding, there are occasions when some get left behind. Particularly with very large tree stumps, the roots may linger and continue to grow. You don’t want to see any new sprouts popping up when you’ve already paid to have everything removed, and you certainly don’t want to find the roots have extended to your home foundations. So, sometimes it is going to be essential to have the roots removed, as well. We’ll dig these up as fully as we can so that we can assure you that you’ll never have another issue with your stump again.

Our Promise

We trust that all of our tree stump removal methods will be effective in every case. However, if for any reason yours did start to regrow or cause you any more issues, we want to promise you that we will always be on hand to help. We’ll come and rectify any work that we have done, for no additional cost. That is because, we trust our techniques to deliver results and we want to make sure that we’re always getting it right, the first time.

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