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Living in Fort MacMurray, we get to see the full force of the changing seasons. From snow and wind to rain and sunshine, we get to see it all. But it isn’t us that have to stand up to it all, every single day of the year. Whereas, the trees planted in your garden must. High winds and the rest of the weather have the potential to cause damage to your tree, which in turn can create a serious risk for you and your property. You want to be able to protect against that and to be able to keep your tree strong and safe. This is why, at Pasco Tree Service, we have designed the perfect service to help. Through tree cabling and bracing, we can help your tree with the support that it needs, to be able to maintain its safe and stable status.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is the perfect way to build up strength and stability, near the base of a tree. It can help out with several different issues, ranging from trunk splitting to weaker root support. By carefully implanting various bolts and braces, we can pull the affected areas closer together and remove some of the force working in the other direction. That means, we can actively support the weight of the tree with the rest of the plant itself, giving it a much better chance of naturally rebuilding its strength.

Tree Cabling

Alone, however, tree bracing is not going to be enough. That is why cabling is just as important to have done properly. When we take care of cabling, we use our ultra-strength cables to connect the various branches in the tree’s canopy. We’ll cable the heaviest branches, that have the widest spread, as these are going to be the most likely to work against the tree. By cabling these together, we instead change the direction of the force and give the tree the support that it needs, to continue with improved growth.

Expert Techniques

It isn’t enough just to set up some braces and cables if you don’t know how to use them most effectively. Sufficient balancing and support need to be built up, by following the proper techniques. But that takes a lot of specialist knowledge and high-quality products and equipment. Luckily for you, that is all that we provide. We know just how to get the best from tree bracing and cabling, and we’ll make sure that your tree gets the most from it too.

Health and Safety

Of course, when carrying out any level of cabling and bracing work, it is important to remember the health and safety risks involved. We know just how precarious damaged trees can be and that is why we make sure we go to great lengths, to support the tree and secure the surrounding area. We’ll make sure that no harm comes to you, your home or any of our team either. And, we’ll make sure that we are thoroughly testing the effectiveness and longevity of our cabling and bracing setups.

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