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We don’t doubt that you want to get the most out of your tree. Not only do you want to have it last for the longest time, but you also want it to stay thick, full, and flourishing, year after year. However, if you aren’t going to the effort of giving it the necessary health care and maintenance work, then you aren’t going to be able to do that. You wouldn’t want your tree to be dying off prematurely so instead, you are going to want to give our team a call, at Pasco Tree Service. We can provide a range of different tree maintenance services, guaranteed to help keep your tree as well as it can be.

Wound Repair

It is not uncommon for a tree to pick up a wound, at some point during its lifetime. Whether that is because of a broken branch, impact damage, or an infestation, it can leave the tree unprotected from the elements. That can leave your tree at great risk and is something that you need to get fixed up. And, by enlisting our expert tree wound repair service, you can do exactly that. We’ll remove and clean the worst of the affected area and make sure that we are preparing the wound properly so that it can make a full recovery.


Watering is without a doubt one of the most important things for your tree. Especially when it is young and still growing, you need to be keeping up with regular watering, at all times. But we know you don’t have the time in your schedule to be able to keep up with the watering as much as you should. So, instead, feel free to give our team a call for the service. We’ll take care of the watering as often as is necessary, so we know that your tree is getting all of the fuel that it needs.

Mulching and Fertilizing

Mulching and fertilizing are two essential ways to bring minerals and nutrients to your tree. When we take care of these services, we make use of a range of different natural fertilizers and mulches, which can deliver all of their goodness directly to the roots of the tree. We’re happy to do this as regularly as needed, to make sure that we are helping you to get the most from your trees.

Winter Care and Preparation

The winters in Pasco can be cold. Through the frost, ice, and snow, your tree could likely succumb to the conditions. So, you need to be protecting yours as best as you can; something, that we can help you with, through our winter tree care service. We’ll apply the most appropriate techniques to each tree, between such methods as winter mulching, tree wrapping, winter pruning, and winter tree guards. We assess the needs of each tree just before winter, which allows us to give the most ideal protection to each one, every November.

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