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With years of experience in the arboriculture industry, we have honed our skills to provide top-notch tree care services in Pasco, WA. Our team comprises certified arborists who have undergone rigorous training and possess extensive knowledge about different tree species, diseases, and the latest tree care techniques. Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), a mark of excellence in the field. This certification ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of tree care and stay updated with the latest advancements in arboriculture.

We understand that every tree and landscape is unique. Our approach involves creating personalized care plans tailored to the specific needs of your trees. We consider factors such as tree species, age, location, and any existing issues to develop a comprehensive care strategy. Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We implement eco-friendly practices to minimize our impact on the environment. This includes using organic fertilizers, recycling green waste, and employing techniques that promote the health of your trees without harming the ecosystem.

Moreover, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. Our arborists take the time to educate you about proper tree care practices, signs of common tree issues, and how to maintain the health of your trees. Informed clients can make better decisions and contribute to the well-being of their landscapes. Our unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart. We take pride in delivering exceptional services that exceed our clients' expectations. From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, we maintain a high standard of professionalism and attention to detail.

Safety is paramount in all our operations. Our team follows stringent safety protocols to protect both our workers and your property. We are fully insured, giving you peace of mind knowing that any unforeseen incidents are covered. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and stay updated with the latest arboriculture techniques. This enables us to perform our tasks efficiently and safely. Whether it's precision pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding, our equipment and expertise ensure optimal results.

Eco-Friendly Tree Care

Combat Climate Change

Innovations in Arboriculture

Safety is paramount in all our operations. Our team follows stringent safety protocols to protect both our workers and your property. We are fully insured, giving you peace of mind knowing that any unforeseen incidents are covered. Our reputation is built on positive customer feedback. We have a long list of satisfied clients who vouch for our professionalism, expertise, and dedication to tree care. Their testimonials speak volumes about the quality of our services.

A severe storm caused extensive damage to several trees in a local park, posing immediate risks to visitors. Our emergency response team sprang into action, quickly assessing the damage and formulating a plan. We safely removed hazardous branches, stabilized damaged trees, and ensured the park was safe for the public. Our swift action prevented further damage and restored the park's beauty.

We have worked with numerous homeowners to enhance their residential landscapes. One particular project involved transforming a neglected backyard with overgrown and unhealthy trees into a beautiful, vibrant space. Our team performed selective pruning, removed dead trees, and planted new species suited to the local climate. The result was a stunning landscape that increased the property's value and aesthetic appeal. We are passionate about giving back to the community and promoting environmental stewardship.

Our tree planting initiatives aim to increase green spaces and contribute to the overall well-being of the environment. We collaborate with local organizations, schools, and community groups to plant trees in public spaces, parks, and neighborhoods. Education is a key component of our community involvement. We conduct workshops and seminars to educate the public about the importance of tree care, proper planting techniques, and how to identify and address common tree issues. By raising awareness, we hope to inspire more people to take an active role in preserving and caring for their trees. Thank you for considering us as your trusted tree arborist. We look forward to partnering with you in maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of Pasco, WA.

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5/5 Customer rating


5/5 Customer rating


5/5 Customer rating

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Extensive Experience

Our team boasts years of experience in the tree care industry. We have worked on a diverse range of projects, from small residential gardens to large commercial landscapes. This extensive experience allows us to handle any tree care challenge with confidence and precision.


Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on every project. From the initial consultation to the final cleanup, we work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services.


Environmentally Conscious

We understand the importance of protecting the environment. Our tree care practices are designed to be eco-friendly, minimizing our impact on the surrounding ecosystem. We also offer advice on sustainable landscaping practices to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful outdoor space.



Professionalism is at the core of everything we do. Our team is courteous, punctual, and respectful of your property. We take pride in maintaining a high standard of professionalism on every job site, ensuring a positive experience for our clients.


Free Consultations

We offer free consultations to assess the condition of your trees and discuss your specific needs. This allows us to provide you with an accurate estimate and a customized care plan that addresses your concerns and fits your budget.


Local Expertise

As a locally owned and operated business, we have a deep understanding of the unique tree care needs of the area. Our knowledge of local tree species and climate conditions enables us to provide tailored care that promotes the health and beauty of your trees.



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Having a tree removed is always going to be a job for a professional. Whether it is just a small tree or a large, mature one, you want to know that the job is being done right. Falling a tree is a very tricky business. A tree is often already leaning, and most times, you will find you need it to fall in a different direction than it wants to! Our professionals know precisely how and where to bring a tree down safely. Not only are we experienced in tree removal, but we are also insured and will protect your valuable assets. It takes a specialist method and exemplary health and safety measures if it is going to be done correctly. That is why you will want to give our team a call at Pasco Tree Service. We have all of the high-quality tools and equipment to cut trees of any size effectively. Whenever we deliver any one of our services, we always ensure that we are completing the safest and most controlled task. Of course, we won’t just leave you with a tree in the middle of your yard; we will cut up and haul away all debris as well! Give us a call for your free estimate today!

When should I remove my tree?

You will know it is time to call us when you notice your tree showing signs of infection, large dead tree branches, or if it is not growing well. There may be evidence of root decay, compromised trunks, or it starts leaning. It may also be under the power or too close to other structures and your house. Tree removal requires know-how of tree biology, physics, heavy tools, and innovative cutting techniques. There are certain risks you need to be aware of when tree removal is necessary:


You cannot control where the tree falls once it is cut. The chances are that it may not fall as expected, even with ropes and cautiously cut indentions. We at Tree Service Pasco will help you overcome the effects of poor judgment to prevent the tree from falling on people, your home, or power lines.

Lack of improper equipment

You need to be in protective gear while removing a tree. The gear should cover you from head to toe. Our arborists are trained in using equipment such as wood chippers, ropes, chain saws, and cranes to fall a tree and dispose of it carefully. DIYs lack these protective gears and the basic knowledge to safely and successfully remove a tree. This exposes them to numerous risks.

Decaying wood

A dying or dead tree that is decaying from the inside is very unstable. Such deadwood will require a crane to be removed. If you suspect your tree has started decaying, our tree service will help you remove it before it collapses on you or your property.

Power lines

It is very risky to work near a power line because of the live wires. You might end up knocking your neighborhood out of power if, in any case, the tree or you hit the power lines. Arborists at Tree Service Pasco are certified to handle trees under such circumstances.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are two necessary services to maintain the good health and stability of any tree. Trees really should be pruned or trimmed at least once a year. As with most things, there is a beneficial way to prune your tree to make it stronger, live longer, and produce more fruit! But if done incorrectly, pruning can damage your tree and drastically reduce fruit production. This is why you need to hire a professional arborist to prune and trim your trees! We are also happy to share our vast amounts of knowledge with you and help you take the best care of your trees!

Our Tree Pruning and Trimming Package

Our pruning techniques revolve around your preference and budget. One approach includes cleaning the removal from the tree’s crown, and branches that are of low-vigor, diseased, dying, dead, or weakly attached. We also do raising, which involves removing the lower branches of a tree to provide pedestrians, vehicles, and building space. On the list also is thinning. It is the selective removal of branches to improve the tree’s structure and allow more light and air to penetrate and circulate the crown. Lastly, we also offer a package that also offers reduction, which reduces the tree size, to clear for utility lines. We do this to reduce a tree’s spread or height by pruning the branch terminus growing on secondary branches and large enough to become the terminus and pruning back the leaders. This will help to maintain the trees’ structural integrity and form.

Advantages of Pruning

This is why you should give us at Tree Services Pasco a call to do your trimming. Our arborist will prune all the dead, damaged, and broken branches to give your tree that aesthetically pleasing look. We will also save you the danger of damaged property due to falling weak branches. Your trees will grow healthy since our arborists are strategic in pruning to ensure new growth. We will also train your tree to grow according to your terms to prevent it from reaching power lines or branches hanging over the roof. We will elevate your landscape by giving your trees a look that is clean and polished. Your trees will also be set for long-term health due to a good foundation if we nurture them from a younger age. Trust our team for the task, and we’ll make sure that we are delivering you the results you need, always applying our knowledge and expertise on every job. Call us to take the best care of your tree! We are happy to offer free estimates as well!

Just as much as with your trees, you ought to have all of your shrubs, bushes, and hedges trimmed and pruned regularly, too. They need to keep up their good health to stay strong, full, and verdant green for many years to come. So, you must enlist expert services in bush trimming and bush pruning. Luckily for you, at Pasco Tree Service, that is also an area of expertise that we specialize in. An unmaintained bush or shrub hedge can make your beautiful home look shabby and unkempt. It can also block out sunlight – killing off the other landscaping that you have invested in. Our bush, shrub, and hedge care services are guaranteed to maintain your plants to their very best and keep them growing for many years to come. Your landscape is an expensive investment in your property, so keep it looking fresh and beautiful! Call us today for a free estimate!

Often projects leave you with old or dead stumps in your landscaping. You don’t want to let the roots keep growing; you want to make sure that the problem is dealt with for the long term. These roots can be a tripping hazard, cause damage to your lawnmower, and look plain ugly. It also prevents you from planting a new tree when ready. Both stump removal and grinding have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice you make will depend on your plans. Stump grinding is not as rigorous as stump removal. If you hire our arborists, we will use a machine that shreds the stump into small wood pieces. The method is efficient, although it will leave behind the roots of the tree.

The wood chips can either be used as mulch on your shrubs or shoved into the hole to decay. You can also fill it with soil from the surroundings to make a leveled ground. We also offer stamp removal though it is labor-intensive. The process involves heaving the bulky tree followed by root digging. Stamp removal leaves you with a clean slate for future projects on landscaping. Stump removal is an eyesore as a large hole that needs to be filled up is left behind. You will need to remove the tree stump because of aesthetic reasons. Other reasons include trip hazards. A tree stump is hazardous to your family if left in areas people travel through or where children play. Weeds and grass grow around the stump, making it very difficult to see until it is too late.

Also, a decaying stump tends to cause fungal growth, which in turn might attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites. These insects are known to destroy property if they get into your home and nearby structures. Also, a stump left behind can begin sprouting. Apart from the trees that are inconvenient to remove after growing, these growths are unsightly. This is why you are going to have to opt for a pro-stump grinding service. You must have the job carried out by experts, who know how to guarantee an effective and lasting job. So, give our team a call at Pasco Tree Service, and make sure that that is precisely what you are doing. Imagine how beautiful your lawn will look without that annoying stump in the middle of it! Call us today for a free estimate!

Tree cabling and bracing add trees 10 to 15 years of healthy growth. We at Tree Services Pasco adhere to the set standards to ensure our services are successful. The two processes involve the installation of rigid rods or flexible cables to reduce failure. Cables are installed at least 2/3 of the distance in between the union and the defect. The crown rods or braces are installed below or just above the defect. Cables are stronger than the rods and can be used alone. Braces, therefore, act as a complement to cables. We offer cable and bracing for protection to prevent the tree from falling on a healthy tree with a weak structure such as ‘v’ crotch, including bark, cavity, or union. Mitigation reduces the likelihood of a tree causing hazards. This includes trees with multiple stems near high target zones or heavy traffic. High winds and strong weather can do some serious damage to your tree. It can cause branches to be torn from the trunk, and that can put you and your property at risk. But you don’t have to worry about that for a second, as we are on hand to help. And, through our tree cabling and tree bracing service, we can guarantee you that your tree can be maintained to be a strong and stable giant for the long term.

Trees shade our homesteads and neighborhoods. They reduce air pollution, and soil erosion, provide homes for animals, and increase our property value. Although they are peaceful, we tend to forget that they need tender care to grow. With proper maintenance, the trees grow in good health. We at Tress Services Pasco are passionate about and would like to offer you some tips on caring for your tree. First, you have to get the right tree depending on your climate, space, light, and soil conditions. Put into consideration how big the tree will grow to be. The right tree planted in the right places will not interfere with utility lines. Remember to trim the grass growing around your tree as it competes with the tree for nutrients, water, and air. Young trees will develop in poor condition if left to grow together with grass. For a healthy tree, remove the grass and mulch the area around the tree.

Water your young regularly and old trees during drought. Saturate the roots well for the older trees. Let the soil dry before the next watering. Drip irrigation or soil basins are better options compared to lawn sprinklers. For mulching, you can use 2-3 inches of mulch that is organic. Mulching helps to conserve moisture, cool the soil, reduce weeds, and improve soil texture. Replenish as often as you can. Always prune to enhance the strength and structure of the tree. For large trees, consult Trees Services, Pasco. Pruning done at the right time in the right way is all you need to make a difference. Trees also need to be fed annually. However, the young trees might need occasional nourishing till it is established. Older trees need no nourishment. You will need a soil test, though, to establish the nutrients required.

Avoid whipping the trunk of the tree with weed-eaters or bumping into it with lawnmowers. It will only weaken the tree’s structure to pave the way for insects and diseases. You can protect the young trees with plastic wrap or maintain a radius of up to 3 feet around the grass-free tree and well-mulched. Apply an insecticide to control pests such as caterpillars that weaken or damage a tree. It is advisable to apply it around the tree base for systemic protection from the roots to the leaf tips. You should also avoid going over the roots of the tree with heavy equipment or a car. They will reduce oxygen in the soil by compacting the soil killing the roots. If you need to add or remove soils beneath the tree canopy, our tree service Pasco is ready to offer you our services. Do not do it on your own. Changing the soil’s grade around the base will harm the roots, make the trees weak, and make them vulnerable to damage.

Just like any human being, trees can get sick and infected. They can’t be left without treatment. Otherwise, they will slowly begin to weaken and die. Sometimes diseases can spread from limb to limb, or even tree to tree, taking out entire orchards. Nobody wants to see that happen to their tree, which is why you might be interested in applying expert tree health services to yours. When you turn to our team, we will be able to provide you with our adept tree maintenance and tree health care services, guaranteed to be effective at keeping your tree well. We will offer advice and share our knowledge with you on how to make the best of the lifetime of your tree, shrubs, and bushes!

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So, if you have any trees growing on your property and want to make sure that you are giving them the very best quality of life, we will be the team for you. When you need an old tree taken down without damaging your home, give us a call! When you need some broken limbs cleaned up after a windstorm, give us a call! When you need your fruit trees pruned every spring give us a call! Overgrown shrubbery? We will handle that too! All of your needs involve your trees, bushes, and shrubs – we can tackle it all! You will be pleased with our customer service, professionalism, and cost of services! Give us a call at Pasco Tree Service, and let us know exactly how we can apply our brilliant services to your needs.

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